Brock –  doorman at the Condor.  He once won an arm wrestling contest in his hometown, but he doesn’t remember because he also won a beer chugging contest that same night.

the Condor – a gay tavern in the old city of Rivergate.  Always open, rooms available for rent.  Don’t trust the food.

Draconia – entertainer at the Condor.  She will perform her signature number, “I Left My Heart in Old Rivergate City,” but only if you buy her two drinks first.

Ellis – daytime bartender at the Condor.  He was expelled from school after getting caught performing oral sex on the markball defensive line on four separate occasions.  Ellis may or may not dabble in the arcane arts.

Graham – proprietor and brew-master at the Condor.  Although his skill at crafting ale is second to none, he has the interpersonal skills of an old dish rag.  He lets his charismatic staff interact with the customers instead.

Quinn – medical student at Rivergate University and night shift bartender at the Condor.  Quinn enjoys the attention he gets from all the customers who lust over his body, but his heart belongs to Brock.

Rivergate – an old, old city.


what’s all this about?

It always bothered me that one could travel across the worlds of Hyrule, Azeroth or Middle Earth yet never find a single gay pub.

That’s why I opened the Condor – a friendly gay tavern in the old City of Rivergate.

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